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AIDAUG is the first large-scale independent Artificial Intelligence user group 🎇🔥🎇

2021-10-05 06:35 | Ralf Röber (Administrator)

“The need for an international, large scale and independent user group in the domain of artificial intelligence (AI) has never been greater,” says Jean-Georges Perrin, president, and co-founder.

The group was founded by eleven individuals, passionate not only about all things data and AI but about sharing knowledge, helping others. Heather Cole (USA), Jean-Georges Perrin (USA), Jens Bäumler (Germany), Mark Lack (USA), Martin Otto (Germany), Paul Cortellesi (USA), Paul Mendelson (Israel), Ralf Roeber (Spain), Rikke Jacobsen (Denmark), Ryan Dolley (USA), and Stuart Litel (USA) are all seasoned professionals and have extensive experience in running user groups.

AIDAUG is not only focusing on the principles of AI but is developing a strong partnership with the leader in AI technology, IBM: “A critical part of a vibrant business is a highly engaged user group to act as a venue for feedback and independent advocacy. Watson has been a pioneer in AI, as it matures and its user base grows, it needed an independent and strong user group, I encourage everyone to explore AIDAUG” confirms Seth Dobrin, IBM’s Global Chief AI Officer.

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  • 2021-10-05 11:27 | Jean-Georges Perrin (Administrator)
    It is an overwhelming feeling to finally be able to share the news outside of our little group.
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