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🤩 Forecaster #8 - Great news, great content 🤩

2022-06-02 02:17 | Ralf Röber (Administrator)

The brand new Forecaster number 8 is out. The monthly magazine of news around  AI and Data Analytics for AIDAUG members. 

What's in this month?

Kubernetes Monitoring Tools

Which one fits your needs? Prometheus, Grafana, Kibana, graphite? Or do you let them work together? You sure have used some of them ... We found this cool introduction to each of them from Dina Henderson. 

Cognos Analytics Roadmap Master Epics have been "leaked"

For Q3/2022 there are awesome enhancements on the roadmap of Cognos Analytics.

Just to name a few:

* Run On Prem Notebooks with Podman as well as Docker. Increased flexibility.

* Improved Dashboard responsiveness in regards to zoom and mobile rendering
* Enable forecasting to consider time-series variables

* Context Sensitive Search: Search will return both global search results as well as results from the current folder.

* Enhanced Security for Data Source Connections (JWT)
* Extend package capabilities to Dashboard
* PREVIEW: Parameters and Prompts in Data Modules
* Separate User defined SQL and HTML item capabilities as run vs create

IBM is worlds biggest contributor to smarter algorithms

Who discovered the algorithms that underpin computing in the modern enterprise? We found this super interesting abstract on how the innovation on algorithms makes the differences in a nations growth. 

Aleph-Alpha publishes latest AI model as open-source.

Trying out DALL·E 2: “A stained glass window depicting a punk rocker using a laptop”

It’s quite straight forward to use: just type in a textbox what you are looking for and DALL·E 2 will generate it a picture for you. OpenAI has a waitinglist for new users.

Read in the Forecaster about stunning competitor of OpenAI, Aleph-Alpha.

More highlights

Smaller then a flea -- smallets-ever robot built

Aleph-Alpha publishes latest AI model as open-source.

blood-cell classification with neural networks

The Forecaster is for members only - so please register (it's free)

The big PDF (30MB):  >>> AIDA_FORECASTER_008.pdf <<<

The minified version (4MB):  >>>  AIDA_FORECASTER_008-min.pdf <<<

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