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AIDAUG is an AI and Data Analytics community of professionals, CxOs, Developers, Data Scientists, Data Lovers, Data Providers, Solution Makers, QAs, Testers and Technology enthusiasts who use technology in an ethical way to help humanity take better decisions faster. 

Some members are fully-fledged software developers while others aren't technical at all. What we all have in common is that we love what we do. We share the passion about upcoming technology trends, trying out latest development, discuss about the benefits of using technology to solve day-to-day problems and provide better insights. 

Some of the members are world-class keynote speakers and decision makers, like Dr. Seth Dobrin or Jean-George Perrin,  others run global Consulting companies or work for local partners of global IT companies like IBM, there are researchers, practicioners, users. No matter at what stage you are at, we are all helping each other to learn and grow the ethical usage and development of AI and Data Analytics. 

We are an open, friendly and inclusive space, where no questions are stupid questions. 

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Everything you need to start exploring, learning, using, contributing to AI and Data Analytics - it's free.

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